For several years, I have been actively involved in this unique craft, which has almost entirely disappeared from the public sphere. Some of my works have been acknowledged by the Arts and Applied Arts Centre in Budapest, Hungary, and I had the opportunity to exhibit them in the Museum of Applied Arts as well as in the National Museum of Hungary. All of my authentic works are of high standard, and I sell them to various special clubs, traditional craft clubs, as well as individuals. I take special orders for chain-mail shirts, hoods, wired gloves, wired foot-plates and breast-plates, wired skirts and the wiring of helmets.Do not hesitate to contact me at the following mobile phone number or e-mail address, if my products are of interest to you:
Mobile phone: 00 36 20 412 9333   e-mail:

Endre Ábel
Armour wirework maker Artisan